Tuesday, June 10, 2008

When the man comes 'round

Spent all night prepping blogs for AVEN and thinking about how to take on the DSM. Here I am overcommitting, but it feels so GOOD. Last night I deep cleaned the very soul out of the refrigerator, then helped out with A-date. Ran into some very cool kids swing dancing before, I'm hoping to make some friends out of the mix. E-mail is sssllloowwwlly getting caught up on, and I've turned Asexual Underground into a blog and podcast, which makes it way more fun. Still need to get my interview with Carol Queen up. I'm joining Net Impact and going to bed...

Friday, June 6, 2008

Some semblance of victory

Back from DC, where the good times ran rich. Had a pretty incredibly lobbying session with the PsTB, and got some great time with fam and crew. Now I'm catching up on sleep and full-on grindin'. Made a nifty little dinner and hung out with LT, then fixed up analytics on her blog and burned through about 30 e-mails that had been piling up (40 to go.) Ran into JL online for the first time in months and got some good catchin' up.