Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Zan

I probably shouldn't talk too much about work. Suffice it to say that something big (beta) ended very well today and otherwise I failed to get done quite as much stuff as I would like to.

After work my friend Zan came over for dinner. We just reconnected for the first time since 4th grade, and have been clicking with only a few minor bumps. We had a great high energy conversation, she talks very fast and very passionately about green stuff. She has more of a "isn't this all cool!" vibe to her than the "let's get empowered to address the insurmountable environmental and social justice issues facing our society right now" that I'm used to, which gave her a new and useful perspective but which I had to adjust to a little. I wanted to get excited with her without having to worry about whether social justice and some other important baselines in the conversation would get kept in mind, it was a cool exercise.

She updated me about her life, which sounds like it involves a lot of sports. Fantastic. Could use some outdoor/sportsey relationships as a way to unwind and introduce new folks and get a powerful new social skillset. Plus our convo was high energy, very smart, and went for two and a half hours without seriously pausing, so we've established a great baseline for hanging out more. She's about to start working at Google, so time's gonna get scarce for her. Hopefully we can sement some sort of a biweekly-ish tradition right quick, or something else to keep the relationship solid.

Now the constant dilemma-having done NOTHING for AVEN today, do I chill out because it's 11PM and watch the Wire? Just 'cuz it's hear? Maybe I knock one of two things off of some list first and start at 11:30....

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