Sunday, April 20, 2008

I Hate My Birthday

Jack just had the coolest birthday party ever. We dressed up as fantasy creatures and went to play minigolf, all and all an unbelievable experience. Of course, it's late April and I'm booked solid for weeks with no time to plan my birthday, yet again. These things never work out.

I'm grumpy because another party that I'd been looking forward to/stressing about for a couple of weeks got cancelled at the last minute last night and because I woke up with an awful neck pain that's sort of ruined my day. I'm trying to push/medicate my way through enough to relax and make propoer use of my one day to myself in a good while.

-Fixing Jack's Computer
-Figuring out Grad School Finances
- Cooking Lunches for the week
- Reading a few chapters from my social movements book

I'll leave it at that. Hopefully a few AVEN chapter things can get attended to as well...

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