Monday, May 12, 2008

Weekends Kill Me

Seriously. Wake up, haul ass to the Embarcadero, register people to vote (or I would have if the event I was going to had any participants), read up on strategic options for social movements, meet up with Peta, talk queer politics and fascism, run into a cool Navajo guy studying drafting on his way back home to New Mexico, see Iron Man with a dreamy, DREAMY RDJ, go to Chris' b-day and retirement party where I get a shot at reconnecting with Karuna. Crash. Clean my room, swing dancing, arezmendi, GGAG meeting, emotionally intense but fantastic dinner w/ PK, then back here to enjoy a new pasta maker, get a bunch of AVEN e-mail out of the way and put up a podcast for the Bro. Plus I remembered to call my mom.

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